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WE100 Willoughby's Enamel - Porcelain

Item# WE100

Product Description

Willoughby's Colored Enamels are made just for the China Painter. They are easy to mix, easy to apply, and easy to fire. No popping off.

Enamels are in a dry powder form. Mix with Willoughby's Enamel Medium to a thick paste; thin for use with Pure Gum Turpentine. Apply to either glazed or bisque ware with turpentine as the brush medium. Dry at normal room temperature overnight and fire at Cone .019 for soft-ware; .018 for hard body ware. The hotter the firing the more relief materials tend to relax and flatten.

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We are no longer carrying Willoughby's Enamels on a per Vial basis after the above colors are gone. WE WILL GLADLY ORDER the Willoughby's Enamel Colors for you with a minimum of 12 per color. The colors are: Austro Red, Black, Bright Red, Brown, Chartreuse, Corn Flower Blue, Corn Yellow, English Pink, French Mauve, Fruit Green, Gold Orange, Golden Brown, Hunters Green, Marigold, Mulberry, Old English Turquoise, Pink, Royal Sapphire Blue, Royal Violet, Ruby Maroon, Santa Fed, Turquoise and White. Prices will be quoted upon request. Orders will take approximately 2 weeks time. Just call us at 360 755-3152

Enamels can also be purchased in Bulk: OZ, 1/2 LB or LB.