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WC01 Willoughby's China Paints

WC01 Willoughby's China Paints
Item# WCO1

Product Description

WILLOUGHBYS China Paints for the Porcelain Artist and China Painter - all overglaze colors for porcelain fires.

Most of Willoughby's colors are intermixable to achieve variation of color and shade; however, it is always advisable to test fire. The EXCEPTION to the rule is REDS in the Cadmium-Selenium colors: #Poppy Red, California Poppy, Orange, Golden Yellow, Maroon, Santa Red, Fire Engine Red.

Use any medium to mix. Fire to Cones .017 - .019; 784 - 723C; 1443 - 1133F. Results can vary with temperature, oils used for mixing and painting, etc. Please keep Brushes clean for the best results.

Dry powder, glass vial with cork. OZ quantities are available for each color. Larger quantities in 1/2 lb and 1 lb are available through custom orders. OZ and larger quantities take up to 7 days to receive. Just call us for the price quotes toll free: 1-888-590-6628

Pricing: please note that the BASE PRICE is $4.95. Colors with a plus sign (+) next to them will have that amount ADDED to the base price to get the price for that color. It will show in your Check Out Cart.

For your convenience in ordering, we have listed ALL of the overglaze colors by Willoughby's here in alphabetical order. Sold in One Dram Vials.

If you are only ordering paint and want to keep the shipping costs down, please choose Parcel Post and I will check the cost to make sure it is the lowest I can give you.