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SW10 Pen Nib - - English Extra Fine (our finest!)

SW10 Pen Nib - - English Extra Fine (our finest!)
Item# SW10

Product Description

English Extra Fine Pen Nib - the finest, quality point we can find for all Pen Work, signatures, Gold Work, Enamel dots and scrolling; Raised Paste dots and scrolling; and any other use you find for a good, extra fine, Pen Nib.

Being so fine, this Pen Nib takes a delicate touch, but it will make beautiful, ultra-thin lines. As with all Pen Nibs, do not fill the nib too full. You want to allow air into the nib to help it flow. Do not cover up the air hole. Practice holding the pen at different angles to achieve the correct paint flow.

We recommend you use our fine Pen Oils to thin the china paint or glass paints to the right consistency. You will find them all under Oils and Medium. This Pen Nib will fit both of our adjustable Pen Holders, found in the General Supplies section.

Also called Crow Quill Pen Nibs.