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SWO3 Porcelain Well Palette - German, Large

SWO3 Porcelain Well Palette - German, Large
Item# SWO3

Product Description

Porcelain Well Palette from Germany - Large size.

Porcelain Well Palettes are a special treat from Germany and so fun to use! Mix your paint colors or pen colors with a drying medium; store in the perfectly rounded wells; keep the lid cover on to prevent dust in your colors. You can use a large rubber band, etc. to secure the lid for travel.

When you are ready to paint, take a small amount of paint out of the well palette and place on a clean tile. Thin for painting consistency with your preference of Clove Oil, Fat Oil or Turpentine. Have Fun!

Large Size: 21 wells plus Lid; 7" Long x 4 1/2" Wide