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SW02 Porcelain Well Palette - German Small

SW02 Porcelain Well Palette - German Small
Item# SWO2

Product Description

PORCELAIN WELL PALETTES - from Germany. These specialty, porcelain palettes are specially made for the Porcelain Artist who prefers to use a drying medium for paint, pen colors, etc. Store your colors in the perfectly rounded wells and keep the porcelain lid on when not using to keep dust out of the colors. Lids fit over the well palette and you can secure them for travel with a wide rubber band, etc.

If your paint or pen colors have dried, take a small portion out onto a clean tile and thin with your preference of Clove Oil, Fat Oil, or Turpentine.

A pure EUROPEAN TREAT! Small has 12 wells with Lid, 4 1/2" Long x 4" Wide