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Northern Cardinals (male and female) with Multiflora Rosehips

Northern Cardinals (male and female) with Multiflora Rosehips
Item# STKP6

Product Description

Northern Cardinals (M & F) with Multi-Flora Rosehips by Kathy Peterson: a complete Lesson Plan which includes 4 color photos, line drawing, graphite paper, and step by step instructions for completing each "part" of the bird. Kathy uses a systematic method of teaching bird painting so you can learn the techniques to paint any bird. Oh the birdseed is my Grandmother's idea - just to make you laugh!!

Cardinals, or Red Birds, are some of the brightest colored birds in the US. "I love the stark difference, but individual beauty of both the Male and the Female together in the same painting. The Male has twisted around to get a good view of the Female, so it gives a different view of him."

I hope you enjoy painting them. Finished size: 8 x 10"