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SG3 Pen Nib - - German Extra Fine

SG3 Pen Nib - - German Extra Fine
Item# SG3

Product Description

German EXTRA FINE Pen Nib. We find that the German pen nibs are stronger in that they will not split at the end as easily as some others.

This EXTRA FINE Pen Nib from Germany makes a beautiful, very fine line. As for all pen nibs, do not overfill them. The air hole needs to be open for the pen oil to flow.

Use one of our various Pen Oils to mix with your paint for the best results of Pen Work. This Pen Nib will fit in the adjustable Pen Holders, SW11 Aluminum Silver, and SF13, German Gold Metal Holder.

Practice holding the pen at different angles to increase the flow of the paint or gold. Do NOT make fast movement; slow and deliberate motions will make a more beautiful, even line.

Also called Crow Quill Pen Nibs.