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SF5 Funnel Pen for Gold and Pen Work - Fine Point

SF5 Funnel Pen for Gold and Pen Work - Fine Point
Item# SF5

Product Description

Funnel Pen from Germany - for GOLD and Pen - Paint line work.

A wonderful tool for when you want to do a large project with gold or paint line work. The very fine point flows beautifully after you fill the top funnel with gold or thinned paint (thin with Pen Oil). A slight pressure on the tip will start the flow.

When done, always clean the Funnel Pen. For Gold, use either Gold Essence for Liquid Bright Gold; Gold Facilitator for Burnish Gold,; or you can use pure Lavender Oil for either gold. For pen work with paint, use pure gum turpentine. Make sure all of the gold/pen color is out of the funnel; use the enclosed Needle to clean out the fine funnel point.

Will last a life-time if taken care of and properly cleaned EACH and EVERY time you have finished.