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SF17 Gold Eraser 2" German

SF17 Gold Eraser 2" German
Item# SF17

Product Description

Gold Eraser: We have both sizes in stock - Choose from the Drop Down Box:

1/4" Square x 2" Long: German: Size is in inches. 1/2" Square x 2" Long: German Total Cost is $12.95 for the Large Size

To "erase" gold fired onto porcelain and china.

These German Gold Erasers are "the very best" in removing gold which has been fired onto porcelain and china. It will also remove any purple smudges, runs, drips, etc.

For best results: use the edge of the Gold Eraser to gently remove the fired on gold. It will not remove the glaze, which is very nice in working with porcelain. If needed, you can sharpen the Gold Eraser with a knife, very carefully. Cannot return if used.