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PC7 Porcelain Canvas Tile 5 x 7"

PC7 Porcelain Canvas Tile 5 x 7"
Item# PC7

Product Description

PORCELAIN CANVAS TILES - 5 X 7" - the largest of the porcelain canvas tiles. They don't make any larger than this!

Porcelain Canvas is pure porcelain - a very transparent tile that comes with a smooth satin glaze, which acts as a tooth on the porcelain - so easy to blend - so easy to paint! Perfect for portraits, scenes, florals, etc., and of course, Birds and Feathers! So thin they are wonderful for tops of scrapbooks, light catchers, Christmas ornaments, etc. You can drill holes in them with your diamond bit in a drummel tool.

Use your regular china paints, EXCEPT FOR ANY BROWN GREENS! Fire the same as all porcelain - fire as many times as you would like.

These 5 x 7" fit any ready made frame! Also use our clear acrylic Lighted Stands to show them off and turn them into night-lights.