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Porcelain Canvas Tile 4.5" Round

Porcelain Canvas Tile 4.5" Round
Item# PC6

Product Description

Porcelain Canvas Tiles: 4 1/2" Round x .025" thick: so thin, so transparent, but very durable. You can drill holes in them to hang or use our clear acrylic stands, Lighted Stands, and Slotted Tile Holders to show them off.

Porcelain Canvas Tiles are porcelain with a Satin Glaze. Use your regular porcelain colors (EXCEPT for brown greens) or your matt porcelain colors, if you prefer no shine at all. The Satin Glaze is a wonderful painting surface for beginners, as well as, for professionals.

Fire to regular over-glaze porcelain temperatures; fire as many times as you need.