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Porcelain Canvas: Palette Tile - Custom Shape

Porcelain Canvas:  Palette Tile  - Custom Shape
Item# PC3

Product Description

PORCELAIN CANVAS - CUSTOM PALETTE SHAPE! We have this shape custom made for all artists! Made of the thin, transparent porcelain canvas, these Palette tiles are perfect for pins, table announcements, name tags, etc. They are very light weight are easy to glue pin backings on with any silicone.

Porcelain Canvas is pure porcelain and comes with a satin glaze, which is like a very smooth, tooth on the porcelain. Will not harm your brushes and are wonderful to paint and blend on. Once you get used to the "tooth" surface, you will LOVE IT!

Use your regular porcelain colors (EXCEPT for brown greens) or your matt porcelain colors, if you don't want any glaze. These thin tiles are perfect for a Club project and to compliment your Show Tables. If you want an overall shiny glaze after your last fire, add a coat of Josephine Magnolia Glaze and refire.

Palette Size: 2 1/2" long x 1 3/4" wide; thin as paper; easy to glue pin backings on.

Use our clear acrylic Mini Plate Holders or the DLHD4 Slotted Tile Holders to display them upright.