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Porcelain Canvas Tile 2 x 2"

Porcelain Canvas Tile 2 x 2"
Item# PC1

Product Description

PORCELAIN CANVAS TILES: 2 x 2" - the smallest tile we carry and the 4.5" square which is a perfect size for Christmas ornaments as squares or diamonds.

Porcelain Canvas tiles are very thin porcelain - very transparent and are wonderful in front of lights and windows. With light behind them, your paintings will glow. We do recommend our clear acrylic light stands and slot holders for these wonderful tiles.

Porcelain Canvas Tiles have a satin glaze which is perfect for painting and blend easily. Wipe out with a little turpentine.

Use regular porcelain or matt porcelain paints. Paint with all your regular china paints, EXCEPT FOR ANY BROWN GREEN color. Fire the same as all porcelain and ENJOY! Frame them; drill holes in them with your diamond bit on the drummel tool, etc. They also make wonderful name tags, table cards and even Christmas ornaments.