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OW7 Lavender Oil - Imitation...a Willoughby's product

OW7 Lavender Oil - Imitation...a Willoughby's product
Item# OW7

Product Description

Imitation Lavender Oil by Willoughby's - 1 oz size.

The imitation (not pure) Lavender Oil can be used as a medium for painting on bisque, as it does not shine. It is also used to help seal the bisque to make painting easier.

For glazed porcelain, it can be used for thinning other medium and oils. Do NOT use with lusters of golds. The Imitation Lavender Oil will dry slower than the pure Lavender Oil, OW6 Willoughby's 1/2 oz, or OJ10 Josephine German Pure Lavender Oil, 1 oz.

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