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OW4 Balsam of Copaiba Thin...a Willoughby's product

OW4 Balsam of Copaiba Thin...a Willoughby's product
Item# OW4

Product Description

Willoughby's Balsam of Copaiba Thin: a China Painting Oil used when you need a medium drying oil. OZ size. The color is a light amber color.

Can be used alone as a general painting medium or as a base for other painting oils, such as Clove Oil or Lavender Oil. Balsam of Copaiba THIN can also be used for dusting and tinting. It will dry hard before firing.

The Pint Size is shown as plus + $104.05 which is added to the ounce price of $10.95 to total $115.00 per ounce. The shipping will be adjusted for the heavier weight of the Pint size as well. Pints are a custom order and will take between 5-7 business days to reach The Good Stuff.

Larger quantities can be Custom Ordered for you. Call us at 360 755-3152. No Returns, discounts, or free shipping on BULK sizes.