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OW2 Enamel Medium...a Willoughby's product

OW2 Enamel Medium...a Willoughby's product
Item# OW2

Product Description

Willoughby's Enamel Medium: can be used for all of Willoughby's Enamels and most other brands of China Painting and Glass Painting Enamel Work.

Mix the Enamel Powder with one drop of the Enamel Medium at a time until it is a thick toothpaste consistency. Thin for use with Pure Gum Turpentine. Apply to glazed or bisque ware with turpentine as the media. Dry at normal room temperature overnight and fire as other china ware.

Willoughby's recommends: Cone .019 for soft ware; Cone .018 for hard body ware. The hotter the firing the more relief materials tend to relax and flatten.

Size: 1/2 oz (Larger quantities can be custom ordered; call us toll free at 1-888-590-6628) No Returns, discounts or free shipping on Bulk Sizes.