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OW10 Pen Oil...a Willoughby's product

OW10 Pen Oil...a Willoughby's product
Item# OW10

Product Description

Willoughby's Pen Oil for all china painting and porcelain painting needs.

This specially mixed Pen Oil can be used to mix with your paints already mixed on your palette. Just remove a little mixed paint to a clean tile; add 1-2 drops of the Pen Oil; mix thoroughly; test for proper consistency on your tile before using; add more Pen Oil if needed to get a good flow. Your paint will dry hard and you can gently paint over the pen lines before firing.

Size: 1/2 oz (Larger quantities available by Custom order - Just call us at 303 377-0762) No Returns, Discounts, or free shipping on Bulk Sizes. Order 6 or more to receive a 10% discount which we manually apply here at the Shop for you.