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OJ5 Red Resist - German...a JOSEPHINE product

OJ5 Red Resist - German...a JOSEPHINE product
Item# OJ5

Product Description

Josephine Red Resist - from Germany. Resist is one of those wonderful, special use products for Artists. It comes in liquid form, colored red so you can see it when painted on. The purpose of Red Resist is to cover and protect areas from being painted or otherwise, covered in some way.

Red Resist will paint on with any brush - clean in WATER. Paint resist over painted areas, such as flowers when you want a very crisp edge between background color and the painted flowers; let completely dry; apply paint, etc. in the area not resisted; remove resist carefully with a needle (be sure the resist is applied thick enough to be removed in one piece) being careful not to scratch your painted area. Then fire. Red Resist must be removed before firing in a kiln. It cannot be reused.

Size: 1 oz glass jar or 1 Pint. Just select your size in the Drop Down box. Additional shipping will be applied to the Pint size when ordered. The On Line Store will show the Bulk Price as + price of the ounce size for a total amount.