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OJ4 Grounding Oil for Porcelain & Glass...a Josephine product

OJ4 Grounding Oil for Porcelain & Glass...a Josephine product
Item# OJ4

Product Description

POLLYANNA GROUNDING OIL by Josephine: a medium bodied grounding oil from Germany which sets up (dries enough to be "tacky") anywhere from 5 - 10 minutes. This depends greatly upon your temperature, humidity and thickness of the oil application, so please experiment with this wonderful oil before tackling that "HUGE" project!

GROUNDING OIL is used for Dry Grounding and Dusting.

Apply Grounding Oil with Square Shader brush for size of grounding area. Apply in light, long strokes and overlap to cover entire area. Let dry in dust-free area until oil is "tacky". Timing depends on climate ( 7 - 12 minutes) on an average. Pad oil lightly and evenly with 2 layers of silk over Sponge Brush. If the oil is "ready" you will hear a "popping sound" when padding, as the oil tugs on the silk. Use the JOSEPHINE Mop Brush to pick up a large quantity of dry paint. Tap the paint from the brush onto the oil until it is covered. Do not touch the oil at this point. Keep tapping paint until the oil is heavily covered. ONLY then, pick up more dry paint on the mop brush and "gently and in a circular motion", lightly blend the paint of the brush to the dry paint on the oil. Keep doing this for many minutes until the paint appears consistent and with a velvet appearance. IT TAKES A LOT OF PAINT! Tap off extra paint and clean off with a dry, cotton cloth where not the paint dust is not wanted. Fire HOT: Cone .014 (870 C, 1596 F for the glaze to open and then cover this heavy application of paint while cooling. All Glass applications are fired to a Cone .022 (630C, 1165F)

Grounding Oil: 1 oz Glass Jar (larger quantities available on a Custom Order Basis - just call us at 303 377-0762) No Returns or FREE shipping on Bulk Sizes.