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OJ3 Pollyanna Painting and Enamel Medium - a Josephine Product

OJ3 Pollyanna Painting and Enamel Medium - a Josephine Product
Item# OJ3

Product Description

Pollyanna Painting Medium is a Copaiba based, faster drying painting medium - AND it is also a wonderful Enamel and Raised Paste Medium. It makes the raised enamels and raised paste stay nice and full - raised off the piece and it will NOT chip off.

Mix for Enamel and Raised Paste: mix your dry powder with the Pollyanna Medium until it is a stiff toothpaste consistency - movable but not runny. Mix 1 drop of Pure Gum Turpentine or OWM1 Turpentine Oil into the mixture until it strings from your palette knife. Do NOT add more of the Pollyanna Medium - too much medium will make it go flat. As the mixture dries out, ONLY add a drop of turpentine to keep it stringing and pliable.

Size: 1 OZ Plastic Bottle with Dropper Insert (as with all Oils, etc., please keep out of the reach of children and use a well ventilated area to paint and fire.

Firing: will work for all overglaze Cone temperatures for painting. For Enamel and Raised Paste, we recommend that you fire at Cones .017 - .018, 784 - 752C - 1443 - 1386F.