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OJ2 Water Medium ...a JOSEPHINE product (fast drying and slow drying)

OJ2 Water Medium ...a JOSEPHINE product (fast drying and slow drying)
Item# OJ2

Product Description

Josephine WATER Medium: a great painting medium from Germany for those who do NOT want to use Turpentine. Also good for Pen Work, and for Enamel and Raised Paste. This is a slightly changed formula from the Factory, but the liquid is very similar to the old and of course, it is cleaned with and thinned with water.

Water Medium: has an oil type consistency, so you mix and paint in the same manner as all oils. And as you know, each Oil does have a slightly different feel, consistency, etc. If necessary, thin with just a drop of water on a clean tile until it is the consistency you need.

You MUST MIX and PAINT with only the Water Medium as it does NOT mix with Oil Based Mediums. CLEAN brush in water and then re-load with Water Medium before storing.

Size: $9.95 for the 1 OZ Plastic Bottle. Choose from the drop down box if you want the "Drying Medium, fast dry", or the "Slow Drying Medium" - stays open at least 8 hours. You can also choose the large "BULK" Sizes in a 4 oz bottle or the Pint sized bottle. The pricing of the Bulk sizes is ADDED to the Vial Price of $9.94: for ex. 4 oz are $32.00 and Pints $125.00 each. If you have any questions, please contact Kat at 360 755-3152.

Shipping: No free shipping on BULK amounts; no additional discounts.