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OJ16 Pen Medium by Josephine for Porcelain & Glass

OJ16 Pen Medium by Josephine for Porcelain & Glass
Item# OJ16

Product Description

Pen Oil by Josephine for both Porcelain & Glass Painting.

Smooth and flowing, this Pen Oil by Josephine is used by mixing it with your dry paint until it is an ink consistency. With the correct mixture, you will love the flow from all pen nibs and the Funnel Pen for all kinds of Pen Work and detailing. The lines stay in place and do not spread if you have not mixed too much of the oil into the paint. Experiment first - that is always best!

This Pen Oil will dry hard within a few hours. You can lightly paint over or around the pen work before firing. But please experiment with this and be careful so you don't ruin your beautiful pen lines. Clean with turpentine or other brush cleaners such as Better Way.

1 OZ Glass Jar