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OJ12-PT Liquid Flux - Pint...a JOSEPHINE product

OJ12-PT Liquid Flux - Pint...a JOSEPHINE product
Item# OJ12-Pt

Product Description

Liquid Flux - 1 Pint size - from Germany. - a JOSEPHINE product.

Liquid Flux is flux in a liquid state. It will add shine to your paintings - even mixed with your regular painting medium, mixing medium or even as a separate coating of Liquid Flux over top of your fired painted piece. As with all oils, it is best to test fire first before painting that creative piece!

Flux of any kind can change some colors. Please test fire each time.

As with all oils and mediums, please use care and caution, as well as, good ventilation in your painting area in when firing.

Size: 1 PINT in plastic bottle. BULK Sizes get no additional discounts.