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OJ12 Liquid Flux - a JOSEPHINE product

OJ12 Liquid Flux - a JOSEPHINE product
Item# OJ12

Product Description

Josephine Liquid Flux: from Germany. Our own special Liquid Flux which can make your painting shine and glow with the highest gloss.

Many Artists do it differently: you can add some of the Liquid Flux to your mixed paints, or your painting medium in your Oil Well; or you can apply a coat of Liquid Flux over your paintings after they are fired (but please test all of this first so you know the out-come). Start with just a drop with your Painting Medium in our SO7 Oil Well, and fire that. If that is not enough shine for you, you can add more on the next fire.

As with all oils, please use caution with all painting oils and mediums. Use good ventilation when painting and when firing.

Size: 1 OZ Glass Jar (larger quantities upon request)