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OC1 Gold Facilitator Ortho for Satin Burnish Gold

OC1 Gold Facilitator   Ortho for Satin Burnish Gold
Item# OC1

Product Description

ORTHO Gold Facilitator (Thinner) for the Satin Burnish Gold -45% and 35% golds. We recommend you use only the gold facilitator made by the same gold factory to prevent any contamination or "unpleasant surprises" with your beautiful gold-work.

Never add gold facilitator to the original gold containers. Take a little of the gold out on a clean tile and add one drop of gold facilitator at a time. Mix with the Josephine palette knife until thoroughly mixed. You can use this to thin the gold for pen work, etc.

As with all gold products, use proper ventilation at all times while applying in your work space and while firing. Keep completely away from children.

Gold Facilitator CANNOT be shipped by AIR! 1 oz glass container. No returns.