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MPPT3 Hand Painted Oriental Lady Dancing by Meena Patel

MPPT3 Hand Painted Oriental Lady Dancing by Meena Patel
Item# MPPT3

Product Description

ORIENTAL ART at its finest is offered to all Collectors with this exquisite porcelain art painting by Meena Patel.

World Renown Artist, Ms. Patel is sought by Collectors of all fine art due to her mastery and skill in the design, application and finishing touches of her unique Porcelain Art pieces. Her paintings are found in museums, royalty, private and corporate collections by investors and collectors.

THE ORIENTAL DANCING LADY is a delight to the senses. The flow of the design, along with bright, pure color accent the fine details of the Portrait. Ms. Patel completes the design with raised white enamel jewelry and accents to the silk scarf, dress and flowers - then with the unique, bright gold edge which contains an etched design in the gold-work.

Signed by the Artist.

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