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MPPT1 Hand Painted IMARI Plate by Meena Patel

MPPT1 Hand Painted IMARI Plate by Meena Patel
Item# MPPT1

Product Description

We are very honored to have a few painted pieces by world renown Porcelain Artist, Meena Patel. Ms. Patel has painted for Royalty and has pieces in Private and Corporate collections around the world. Her precise, detailed art works demonstrate a complete mastery of Porcelain Art at its finest. She specializes in the IMARI style, as well as, in Gold and Silver applications to porcelain, and Oriental painting designs.

A totally creative and unique Porcelain Artist, Meena Patel teaches technique and design through her intricate, totally original paintings.

We offer the IMARI PLATE for Collectors of all fine art - especially the most difficult art of Porcelain Art on glazed porcelain clay. The Artist must not only master painting techniques, color and design, but also must master refiring a fine porcelain piece many times to temperatures up to 1600 F, 880 C.

Plate Size: coupe porcelain plate - 8.5" Diameter

Signed by the Artist.

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