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MAZ69 SPIRAL, Jewelry Shape by Beatrice Mazerolle

MAZ69 SPIRAL, Jewelry Shape by Beatrice Mazerolle
Item# MAZ69

Product Description

SPIRAL, Jewelry Shape by Beatrice Mazerolle - AN ART PIECE!! PHOTO ART PIECE by Mary Gosden (design protected). Thank you MARY for sharing this so very creative and "so you!" design with the WORLD.

SPIRAL: Boy! This conjures up so many thoughts and ideas - childhood memories of spiraling toys; lollipops; star gazing; doodling; a cartouche anyone?; I love it and love what Mary has done with it!! What do you see???

Ms. Mazerolle creates her own unique line of jewelry shapes in a true ART form, made with the famous Limoges Porcelain clay and glaze. Living in Paris France, Ms. Mazerolle has her line of exquisite jewelry shapes in many galleries and museums. I am so very proud that she has let me carry her fine art pieces in jewelry forms here in the US.

Each Jewelry Piece is carefully hand crafted, smoothed and glazed to perfection. The Limoges clay and glaze gives each piece the finest of qualities: extremely thin, extra white and translucent, and has Ms. Mazerolle's Logo fired on the back: Bijoux de Passy. So elegant; so exciting to design and paint! Please read more about Ms. Mazerolle's Jewelry Shapes in the article link on our Web Page by the Norwegian Magazine: Decor-Magasinet.

SIZE: 2 3/4" L x 2 1/2" W with pre-drilled hole for chain, ribbon, cord, wire-wrapped or other. NO discounts. (copy and paste in your browser for Mary's Website) SOLD IN WHITE ONLY.