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Limoges Box - Hand Painted by Gigi Branch, England

Limoges Box - Hand Painted by Gigi Branch, England
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Product Description

Hand Painted Limoges Hinged Box by GIGI BRANCH, England (deceased)

Gigi Branch was the best in the Sevres Painting Style and she was so kind to paint this Limoges Oval Box for me in 1987. The signature on the bottom states "Entirely Handpainted by Gigi, Specially for Kathy '87"

It is a superb example of Gigi's painting and gold-work style. The Sevres Birds and Flowers were 2 of her favorite subjects to paint. And she told me many times how she loved painting on Limoges.

The Box is in perfect shape and is a real treasure. I know you will enjoy it for years, just like I have.

Limoges Oval Box, 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 1 1/2" H, Hand Signed, Attached Brass Hinge; 3 Bird and 3 Floral Designs around the box.

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