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LH2 Carmine Luster - German for Porcelain & Glass

LH2 Carmine Luster - German for Porcelain & Glass
Item# LH2

Product Description

NEW LUSTER from Germany for the GLASS and PORCELAIN ARTISTS. We have just imported two new colors.

This is the CARMINE Luster. The photo shows the one fire on the left and 2 fires on the right. When you apply a second fire, the Carmine becomes a very deep CARMINE color - BEAUTIFUL! The bottle shown in the photo is the 1/2 OZ size. Choose the Drop Down Box to choose 2 Gram, 8 Gram or 1/2 OZ. sizes. The plus (+) $ amounts next to the larger sizes are the amount added to the Base Price by the Store to get your Item Total at check-out.

As with all Lusters, thin coats using the tip of the brush to allow the luster to glide off the tip is best. Do NOT go over it to blend it -this can cause large streaks and brush strokes to show. Keep out of any Dust, as it will fire out and leave a white line or spot. Fire to a Cone .018, 752 C, 1386 F.

We recommend you use good quality, natural hair brushes and keep that Brush for just the one Luster color. Clean after each use with alcohol, then with mild detergent and water; rinse well; blot dry; clean 1-2 more times in alcohol. Store in dust free container. Try the soft JES2 AND JES4 JOSEPHINE English Square Brushes: German Kazan Sable - - - a little longer; a little softer; more flexible - PERFECT for Lusters.

Store in a cool location with the lid on tight. Keep out of the reach of Children. Gold colors can be stored in the refrigerator for longer life; bring to room temperature before using. DO NOT STIR.

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