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JSYS12 JOSEPHINE Synthetic Sable Square Shader #12

JSYS12 JOSEPHINE Synthetic Sable Square Shader #12
Item# JSYS12

Product Description

JOSEPHINE Synthetic SABLE Brushes - for all ARTS.

The Josephine Synthetic Sable brushes are of a finer, man-made hair which is still firm (like a synthetic brush should be), but also softer - to blend easier and not leave such strong brush strokes in your paint.

Uses: gold work, lusters, wipe outs, etching, and any use for a stiffer brush which holds up longer to solvents, bisque porcelain, etc.

All brushes are guaranteed against Factory defects. Please notify us immediately if you see a problem with your brush. Otherwise they are non-returnable.

Size #12: 3/4" wide