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JSTSet Josephine Stippler Set of 3

JSTSet Josephine Stippler Set of 3
Item# JSTSet

Product Description

JOSEPHINE Set of 3 Stippler Brushes from Germany. We have packaged all 3 of our small, medium and large Stippler Brushes in one convenient SET for all Artists.

Stippler Brushes are made in a Quill type of brush, using a goose or other natural quill, with the hairs tied in place with a brass wire. Each Brush is hand-made using the first quality KAZAN Squirrel Hair from Russia. This Hair is totally unique for the quality of it's painting abilities: to hold paint and oil; for brush shape and perfect memory to bounce back into that shape after each stroke.

Stippler Brushes are cut short, blunt and on a slant to give you a multitude of uses from painting and softening.

If there is a Factory imperfection on NEW brushes, return it immediately for the same brush replacement. Otherwise, brushes are not returnable.

The STIPPLER SET includes: #2, #6 and #10 See Sizes by going to individual sized brushes.