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JSCSet Josephine Scroller Set of 3

JSCSet Josephine Scroller Set of 3
Item# JSCSet

Product Description

Three of our very favorite JOSEPHINE Scrollers in one SET OF 3. We have had a lot of requests for Scroller Sets and we are very pleased to offer this to you.

The JOSEPHINE Scroller Set of 3 includes: JS00 Scroller #00 - metal ferrule for strong shape and bounce; fine and long. JSC1 Scroller #1 - metal ferrule; this size is what we call the "STANDARD" scroller brush or a great average sized Scroller; JSC4 Scroller #4 - metal ferrule; the LARGEST of our scroller brushes for when you need SIZE to accomplish your painting ideas.

THREE wonderful Scroller brushes by JOSEPHINE - for all Artists who demand quality and value in your brushes. All are made with the KAZAN Russian Squirrel Hair for shape retention, bounce, memory and paint flow.

Sizes: Scroller #00: 1/16" round x 3/4" long Scroller #1 : 1/8" round x 11/16" long Scroller #4 : 3/16" round x 1 1/8" long

Brush Sets are already discounted 15% off individual brush pricing. No further discounts.

If there is a factory imperfection on new brushes, call or email us immediately. Otherwise, brushes are not returnable.