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JRim Josephine Rim Brush

JRim Josephine Rim Brush
Item# JRIM

Product Description

Josephine RIM Brush - hand made in Germany with very stiff OX hair.

Another specialty brush by JOSEPHINE! The RIM Brush is used by Porcelain Factories to make that perfect rim on a plate, vase, etc. every time; and to highlight the raised porcelain details, such as scrolls, with gold or paint in an even, consistent manner.

Use: fill the RIM Brush completely with either gold or paint. Using the SIDE of the brush, hold it steady against the rim or raised details and make long, even strokes for consistent coverage. It is best to fire in-between coats, if you require more than one coat.

If there is a Factory imperfection on NEW brushes, return it immediately for the same brush replacement. Otherwise, brushes are not returnable.

Size: 3/8" wide x 1 1/2" long