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JOSIV Josephine IVORY Overglaze Powder Paint

JOSIV  Josephine IVORY Overglaze Powder Paint
Item# josiv

Product Description

Josephine Overglaze Powder Paint for ceramics, porcelain and china - all overglaze painting techniques.

IVORY: a very light ivory; a light cream color. Beautiful for an antique background; white flowers, or a softer white when the bright white is not wanted; a high gloss Ivory color.

A dry powder paint to be mixed with any oil/medium, or if you prefer a water medium, Order: OJ2 Fast Drying Water Medium or OR4 Slow Drying Water Medium.

Fire to an overglaze fire of temperatures of HIGH: 870 C, 1596 F, Cone .014; to COOL: 723 C, 1333 F Cone .019

Pricing: please note that the actual cost of bulk quantities is the Bulk price + the Base Price of $5.95: ex. OZ size is $14.55 + $5.95 = $20.50 total. You will see this total on check out.

Dry powder paint in 2+ dram glass vial with screw on lid. Mix powder with our Oils/Medium.