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Josephine Portrait White Overglaze Powder Paint

Josephine Portrait White Overglaze Powder Paint
Item# JPortWH

Product Description

JOSEPHINE PORTRAIT WHITE - overglaze powder paint from Germany.

There are as many different "White" colors as you can imagine! PORTRAIT WHITE is a pure, true white which will mix with other colors perfectly and ONLY lighten them in the same color hue - not CHANGE the color as some "cream, beige or other "whites" will do.

Use the JOSEPHINE Portrait White for a perfect white "tooth" on glazed pieces to give new painters an easier painting base to learn on. Use Portrait White for ALL whites needed in a Portrait (couldn't guess that one, could you???!!!!) Use Portrait White to lighten colors.

A pure, easy to paint White porcelain dry powder paint in a 2 dram vial. Mix with any Oil, Water Medium, etc.

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