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JMTBLK Josephine Matt Black Porcelain Paint

JMTBLK Josephine Matt Black Porcelain Paint

Product Description

JOSEPHINE Matt Black Porcelain Paint. We have had so many requests for not only our Matt White but also a beautiful Matt Black for porcelain painting.

The JOSEPHINE MATT BLACK is a true black with no shine. Painting with matt paints creates a whole separate design and creative flair to your piece. Using both the glazed Black next to the Matt Black is an elegant, subtle contrast.

You can paint, dust or ground the Matt Black. It can be applied to both glazed and bisque porcelain. Fire to Cones .014 to .018. Sand "lightly" to smooth any roughness after firing. Comes in our 2 Dram Vial or in 1 ounce sizes. Just click on the drop down box to select your size.