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JOSEPHINE Magic Metallics Set of Porcelain Colors

JOSEPHINE Magic Metallics Set of  Porcelain Colors
Item# JMM17Set

Product Description

JOSEPHINE "MAGIC METALLICS" for porcelain painting. this set of 17 contains all of our German metallic colors, except for the Opal Metallics. They are in a separate set.

Metallics for porcelain are beautiful, rich and vibrant - totally opaque colors for those special effects. You can paint and wet and dry ground them. We do recommend that you fire them HOT, Cone .014, so the glaze will open and seal the colors so they won't be scratched, etc.

The Magic Meallic Set of 17 includes: Beige Pink, Blue Green, Bronze, Copper, Desert Sun, Electric Gold, Green Ice, Ivory, Napoleon Violet, Pink Parfait, Platinum, Polished Red, Radiant Black, Red Cascade, Sapphire Blue, Silver Cloud, and Spanish Gold. All are packaged in our large, 2 dram plastic vials with screw on lids; easy to use, no spilling.

the Josephine Magic Metallics Set of 20 include all of the above colors with the addition of the 3 Interference Opal Meallics: Green Opal, Violet Opal, and Yellow Opal.

Sets are already discounted 15%, so no additional discount is given.