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Opal Metallic Paints by JOSEPHINE

Opal Metallic Paints by JOSEPHINE
Item# JMP

Product Description

JOSEPHINE Magic Metallics - Opal colors. These are the 3 "pearlized" metallic paints which are so rich and elegant. In some lights they look almost like Mother of Pearl Luster - turn them and they take on the opal hues of their individual colors. So beautiful

We recommend they be grounded on porcelain for a one fire application. Fire to Cone .014 to sink the heavy metallic in the glaze. You can paint them on as well, but it may take 2 or more firings to get an even color, with no brush strokes showing. Have fun!

Choose your color from the drop down box, as well as the quantity per color. All in our large, 2 dram plastic vial with screw-on lids for no spilling, and easy to use.