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JMatt Josephine White Matt - China Paint

JMatt Josephine White Matt - China Paint
Item# JMatt

Product Description

Josephine Matt White - China Paint. Matt White is a pure white porcelain paint that has a matting compound added to stop the glaze. This gives a beautiful, soft, matted application of white color - no glaze. For regular painting, you use this color the same as any other color.

Mariela has developed the Fireable Pastel Chalk Technique, fired on porcelain - a beautiful pastel drawing technique. The Matt White color is used as the PRIMER, or tooth, for the chalk. Mix Matt White with OJ4, Pollyanna Grounding Oil, and apply a smooth, medium coat of the white. Fire to Cone .014.

See CR208 Pastel Chalk - Porcelain for complete instructions on Fireable Pastel Chalk techniques.

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