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JGTRSet Transparent Glass Paints by Josephine - Individual Colors OR Set of 10 Colors

JGTRSet Transparent Glass Paints by Josephine - Individual Colors OR Set of 10 Colors
Item# JGTRSet

Product Description

JOSEPHINE Transparent GLASS Paints: bright, see-through glass colors. These JOSEPHINE transparent glass colors are a wonderful, stained glass effect. They are clear, see-through colors on clear glass - a splash of clear color. You can brush them on or dust and dry ground them onto the glass.

For a one fire application with no brush strokes, we recommend you dry ground the paint on the glass, using the OJ4 Pollyanna Grounding Oil. You can also paint the color on using OJ1 JOSEPHINE Seminar Medium to mix and paint.

The set of 10 includes: Carmine, Cranberry, Elderberry, Green, Grey Blue, Mauve, Royal Blue, Ruby, Turquoise, and Yellow/Orange (fires more of an Orange). All are packaged in our large, 2 dram plastic vials with screw-on lids, for ease of use and no spilling. Fire Cone .022, 630C, 1165F. Gold colors may take a slightly hotter fire so if you use the pyramid cones, just set the metal cone setter piece towards the thicker part of the Cone. This will give you about another 1/4 higher fire.

Sample Glass: Flowers: Transparent RUBY Glass Paint with JG Glass White Enamel and GL01 small flowers Etched with Etch All Creme with Glass Enamel accents.

Select the DROP DOWN Box to choose your individual colors or the entire SET which saves you 15%. Please note that the BASE PRICE shows as the lowest priced color, or $4.95. Higher priced colors will have a plus (+) sign next to the amount to be ADDED to the BASE Price. Ex. the SET of 10 colors is $4.95 + $96.555 for a total cost of $102.50 for the SET (a 15% savings). Please call if you have any questions: 360 755 3152.