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JGM Glass Metallic Paints by Josephine

JGM Glass Metallic Paints by Josephine
Item# JGM

Product Description

JOSEPHINE GLASS Metallics: shiny, stardust effect on all glass (sample glass has BRONZE Metallic, Topaz Glass Crystals, and Apricot glass painted roses and Violet of Iron glass paint for the leaves). Glass Metallics are totally opaque and have a wonderful color effect on clear and colored glass - even lamps. Made in Germany, each color is rich, bright and beautiful. The Metallic Colors are: Blue, Bronze, Gold, Spanish Gold, Pink (a gold color), and Silver.

You can mix the Glass Metallics with your regular mixing medium and paint as normal. Or for a one fire coating of pure color with no brush strokes, use the OJ4 Pollyanna Grounding Oil for dry grounding.

Dry Grounding Instructions: apply an even coat of Pollyanna Grounding Oil to the surface; be sure and overlap your strokes so no area is missed. Let the oil dry until it is tacky; the time all depends upon the heat and humidity in your room. In Denver it is about 7 minutes. Test your oil to be sure it is ready to pounce with silk over the Josephine Sponge Brush. Hold your glass level and pounce it once. If it tugs on your silk, makes a "popping" noise, and does not leave any large bubbles in the oil, it is ready. Pounce the entire area of oil once - this evens out the oil to take an even amount of paint. Using the JOSEPHINE Mop Brush #6, pick up your dry glass paint and tap it onto the oil until it is thoroughly covered. Pick up more dry paint in your Mop Brush and in a circular motion (easier to not scratch the oil), GENTLY rub the paint from your Mop Brush to the paint on the oil. Keep adding more paint until it is a solid, even color and looks like dry velvet. The oil will hold A LOT of paint! Tap excess paint off the glass and clean the surrounding area with a dry cotton cloth. Fire to Cone .022, 630 C, 1165 F. Makes a BEAUTIFUL, one fire application of pure color!!! Enjoy!!!

Colors are listed in the drop down box. Select your color and the quantity you need. Please note that the OZ Size is plus + the base price of $6.95: EX. Silver OZ totals $23.65 and will show this when you check out.

The Set of 6 Colors is + (plus) the Base Price and will be added to give you the total at check out. Sets are already 15% discounted and have no additional discounts. Also a higher shipping weight will be manually applied to Sets.

Size: 2 dram vial with screw on lid; NO discounts or returns on OZ size paints.