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JG1 Josephine Glass Paint - Rich Painting Colors for GLASS with Glass Firing Instructions

JG1 Josephine Glass Paint - Rich Painting Colors for GLASS with Glass Firing Instructions
Item# JG1

Product Description

JOSEPHINE GLASS paints: the BASIC COLORS for GLASS - all fired to a Cone .022

The JOSEPHINE line of Glass Paints are far more true in color and more opaque than most glass paints. They are made in Germany and packaged in our large, 2 dram vials with the screw on lid, for no spilling and easy to use. Fire to Cone .022, 630C, 1165F.

Please choose your color(s) from the drop down box, along with the quantity of each you would like. We recommend mixing and painting with OK1 Kathy's Always Open Medium; or OJ1 Josephine Seminar Medium (semi-open); or dry grounding of colors on glass with the OJ4 Pollyanna Grounding Oil for a one fire, pure coating of color.

You will see that the Base price is $3.95; additional costs are beside each color in the drop down box and will be added upon check-out.

Have fun!

GLASS Gift-Wear FIRING INSTRUCTIONS - glasses, stem-wear, vases, pitchers, bowls, etc. (Not for Lamps!):

1. Test fire each kiln with a painted jelly jar, etc., and test the bottom, middle and top area of your kiln to see which area fires GLASS the best. Heat rises so the top will be hotter than the bottom. Fire Cone .022, 630C, 1165F. 2. Once the location is determined (when the paint has fired to its true color), place the glass bottom-down on a kiln-washed shelf with a minimum of 1" spacing between pieces. Do NOT stack pieces or have more than one shelf. Put all plugs in the sides and shut the lid completely. 3. Turn the kiln all the way to HIGH (no warm-up time as that tends to weaken the glass). 4. Stay close to the kiln to hear when it clicks off. It is VITAL that you are there when the temperature reaches its maximum. When it does, turn the kiln off and immediately take the plug (or top plug if you have more than one) in the side of the kiln out. Do NOT raise the lid. Let the kiln cool down slowly over-night or at least 8 hours. Only open the kiln once it is totally cool. 5. If you use the large cones, be sure and watch it carefully to catch the moment it start to bend to a 90 degree bend. Then follow the same instructions. 6. If you have a computerized kiln, check your instructions to override the low and medium temperatures to go to HIGH.

Your glass will come out with a beautiful glaze full of sparkle. Your paints and other decorative products will be fired into the glaze and permanent. Enjoy!