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JFB2 Josephine Forget-Me-Not #2

JFB2 Josephine Forget-Me-Not #2
Item# JFB2

Product Description

Josephine FORGETMENOT Brush #2: also known as a larger Berry Brush than JBB3 Berry Brush #3.

This is one of our very favorite brushes. You can use it all the time to paint with, to wipe out bird feathers and all other highlights where you need a sharp point, but a softer wipe out such as when you paint Forgetmenots in a wipe out technique, and to shape up around the outside of your painting strokes to make them clean and crisp.

The sharp point stays pointed and the brush has good body so it bounces right back into shape. Made of the very best Kazan Russian Squirrel Hair, we special order these brushes from Germany just for the Artist who demands good quality brushes for long life and a joy to use.

Forgetmenot Brush #2: 1/8" Wide at the ferrule x 3/8" Long