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JESSet Josephine English Square Shader Set of 2

JESSet Josephine English Square Shader Set of 2
Item# JESSet

Product Description

Josephine ENGLISH SQUARE SHADERS - set of 2: English Square Shaders are a Unique Art Brush for a very soft, very long square shader. And as with all square shader brushes, the ends are cut nice and square - very crisp corners. These longer square shaders will give you a long, continuous stroke that you can't always get with shorter brushes.

The Josephine English Square Brushes are made with KAZAN Russian Squirrel Hair - the finest quality and yet the softest of brush hair. The paint just flows off the ends of these longer brushes.

If there is a Factory imperfection on NEW brushes, return it immediately for the same brush replacement. Otherwise, brushes are not returnable.

English Square Shaders SIZE: #2 1/4" wide x 1/2" long; #4 1/2" wide x 1" long.

All brush sets are discounted for you at 15% off the individual brush price. No further discounts.