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JCSet Josephine Beginners Set of 15 Porcelain Colors

JCSet Josephine Beginners Set of 15 Porcelain Colors
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Product Description


For Beginners and those painters who want a beautiful, balanced set of porcelain colors for your basic palette, the JOSEPHINE BEGINNERS SET of 15 colors is perfect for you.

Kathy has chosen some of her favorite colors that she keeps on her palette all the time. You will use these colors for probably 90% of your paintings - and only have to add any specialty colors for those unusual values and hues.

The Set includes: Baby Blue, Black, Black Green, Blue Green, Bright Green, Chartreuse, Deep Brown (Rich Brown), Dresden Red, Dresden Yellow, Forget Me Not Blue, Indigo Dark Blue, Ivory, Silver Grey, Yellow Grown and Yellow Red

This photo is only a sampling of the colors. You can see the individual colors in the Josephine Colors.

Substitutions are not allowed. All SETS are 15% discounted and there is no additional discounts. Firing Temperatures: Cone .014 - Cone .019.