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JOSEPHINE Yellow Overglaze Colors

JOSEPHINE Yellow Overglaze Colors
Item# JOSYellows

Product Description

JOSEPHINE Yellow Overglaze Colors: from the bright, light Lemon Yellow to the deep Butterscotch (not shown) will satisfy all overglaze painters' desire for pure yellow and orangish-yellow colors.

Colors from left to right: Lemon Yellow, Sun Yellow, Yellow (discontinued - use Sun Yellow), Buttercup, Marigold, Mixing Yellow, Butterscotch (not shown but deeper than Marigold)

Choose your color(s) from the drop down box, along with the quantity you want for each color. Pricing: the lowest price is the shown price of $3.95. If a color costs more than $3.95, you will see a plus sign (+) with the added amount after the color name. This will be shown upon check out.

All our paints are in large, 2 dram vials with screw on lids to make it easy for you to use without spilling a drop!! Firing temperatures: Cone .014, 870 C, 1596 F to Cone .018, 752 C, 1386 F.