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JOSEPHINE Overglaze Paints - Reds

JOSEPHINE Overglaze Paints - Reds

Product Description

JOSEPHINE RED Overglaze Paints - German in dry powder form. These can be mixed with any of our Oils, Medium or Water Based Medium. See this Category in the left Menu for full details.

This group of RED colors are rich and smooth to paint with. As ALL REDS, we do recommend that you fire to Cone .014 for the first fire to soften the glaze and "sink" the color. Most of the red will fire off, but apply it again the second fire to Cone .017 and watch it shine!

And as with ALL REDs and YELLOWS, please test them together first before painting a big project. It's amazing how differently they can react with other colors, if there is gold in the kiln being fired, humidity, etc. For a Yellow/Red combination that will fire together with no color changes, see our Dresden Yellow and Dresden Red colors (use the Search Box to easily find them)

Colors: L - R: , Persian Red, , Blood Red, Dark Shadow - Portrait, Dull Red. Please see Dresden Red for a bright Red that can fire to Cone .014 and will not change when used with the Dresden Yellow. You can fire both the Dresden Red and Dresden Yellow next to each other; at the same time; to a Cone .014; and they fire beautifully.

Choose your color from the drop down box, and then the quantity that you want per color when asked. Please NOTE that the Base Price is $4.95 per Vial. If a Color has a plus sign (+) with an amount next to it, that amount will be added for the final price of that Color. You will see this upon Check Out. If you have any questions please call me at 360 755-3152.

Each is packaged in our large, 2 dram plastic vial with a screw on lid for no spilling.