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JOSEPHINE Overglaze Paints - Green Colors

JOSEPHINE Overglaze Paints - Green Colors
Item# JOSGreen

Product Description

JOSEPHINE Green family of overglaze colors: from Yellow Greens, Blue Greens, and True Greens - we have them all. We separate out the colors per price to make it easier for you to order On Line!

JOSEPHINE porcelain colors are world renown for their rich, bright and SMOOTH painting qualities. We import them direct from the Factory - then double sift them to make them the quality of smooth consistency that you should require!

Please choose your color(s) from the drop down list. If you have any questions, just email or call us at 360 755-3152

This list includes: From Top - Bottom: Left - Right: Row 1: Water Green, Turquoise Green, Turquoise Blue, Aqua, Lt Blue Green, Shadow Green, Sultan Green Row 2: Celery, Chartreuse, Antique Green, Celadon Green, Antique Row 3: White Rose, Olive Green, Warm Brown Green, Brown Green Row 4: Cool Green, Emerald, Apple Green, Moss Green, Cypress, French Green, Blue Green Row 5: Sea Green, Bright Green, Shading Green - Disc - Use Sea Green; Green 202, Blue Gum, Myrtle Green, Black Green

All are packaged in our large 2 dram glass vial, with screw on lid for easy to open, no spilling. Please note that the vial base price is $4.95 each. If a color costs more, then you will see a plus sign (+) and the additional cost amount next to it. This will be added to the base cost at check out.

Firing: Cone .014 870 C, 1596 F to Cone .018 752 C, 1386 F