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JEN Enamel White Powder for Overglaze Painting

JEN Enamel White Powder for Overglaze Painting
Item# JEN

Product Description

JOSEPHINE White Enamel for Porcelain; in white powder form in large, 2 dram glass vial with screw on lid.

From Germany, this White Enamel Powder for all overglaze painting has a high relief and will not pop off. Use the OJ3, Pollyanna Medium for both enamel and raised paste work. Mix to a thick toothpaste consistency with this medium. Then add one drop of pure turpentine at a time until strings. It will make wonderful dots, scrolls - then thin with more turpentine to make longer, even lines (won't be quite as raised if thinned more) Fire to Cone .017, - .018 1443 - 1386 F, 784 - 752 C

You can add any regular overglaze paint to the enamel to make your own colors! Add the color after the mixture strings - you may have to add some more turpentine (never add more of the medium as that will make it flatten more!) Do not add gold over this Enamel. Use the JTX Josephine Texture Paste - Base for Gold for a white, raised relief which can be covered with Gold or Silver.

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